Arctic Alpine 12 (low profile) CPU Fan


 Arctic Alpine 12 LP CPU Fan
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     Arctic Alpine 12 LP CPU Fan
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Fit Intel CPU socket only: 1151/1150/1155/1156 only 

  • TOP-NOTCH PRICE-PERFORMANCE RATIO: Thanks to its radial heat sink and good fan design, the Alpine 12 LP offers a lot of performance at a very low price point.
  • IMPROVED COOLING PERFORMANCE BY NEW PRODUCTION PROCESS: The high thermal conductivity of aluminum is fully retained by a new type of extrusion. This new production process creates a powerful yet very compact radial heat sink. The particularly thin cooling fins of the new Alpine are fanned out in a Y-shape.
  • 0 dB MODE: The Alpine 12 LP is able to switch into silent passive mode when PWM signal is below 5 % due to its new motor. This allows working at your PC in complete silence without any unwanted noise.
  • LOWER POWER CONSUMPTION & MINIMUM VIBRATION: The new Alpine 12 LP is powered by an updated motor and runs much more efficiently than its predecessors. Due to sinus-magnetizing the new motor creates just 5 % of vibrations from commutation of a regular DC-motor.